Linkitz: Smart, code-able friendship bracelets

Created by Lyssa Neel, Ph.D.

Linkitz: Smart, code-able friendship bracelets
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Linkitz empower girls to explore technology and build amazing things.

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Uploads 2f59fb776ec0706c95bddaa04ed9f19a22 2flinkitz lily t shirt ks legacy square thumb
"Superpower" T-Shirt
Available in children's and adult sizes!
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Fridge Magnet
Show off your little one's latest masterpiece while showing your support!


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Linkitz Plus2 pack
This pack includes 1 programmable hub, 1 LED link, 1 motion link, 1 microphone link, 1 speaker li... more »
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Best Friends2 pack
This pack includes 2 programmable hubs, 2 friend links, 2 LED links, 2 motion links, 2 microphone... more »
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Linkitz Basic Set
This set consists of a hub, a motion link, an LED link, a USB/LED link, a USB cable, and a wristb... more »